Benefits of oxygen therapy for your skin

Well known are the effects of oxygen therapy in the medical world, as they have a very favorable impact on treatments of brain damage, diabetes, fibromyalgia… etc Despite this, its benefits do not end in this field, since hyperbaric oxygen has a very interesting use in the world of beauty.

Many are the celebrities who, in recent years, have launched to try these therapies, fromAngelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna to Victoria Beckham or Pilar Rubio. Join us to introduce you to the benefits of oxygen therapy for your skin.

What effects oxygen therapy has on our skin

Over time, the skin loses luminosity, becomes duller, less elastic, more aged in short. Add to this the action of external factors, such as pollution, stress, poor diet, use some harmful substances such as tobacco, not drinking enough water and lack of physical activity, which cause the oxygenation process of our skin not to be what it should.

Hyperbaric oxygen is used to restore hyperbaric oxygen to the skin.

The effect that this therapy has on the skin is very simple, it introduces a high amount of oxygen into our cells, that oxygen that it so much needs and that has been deprived of, either by the passage of time, or by life itself.

Since hyperbaric oxygen generates a greater proliferation of collagen, natural collagen of very good quality. It could be perfectly indicated in the search of improving the aesthetics of people who undergo this type of treatment.

Rafael Sanchez González, Physician specializing in hyperbaric medicine at Centro Hiperbarrico de Estepona
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For whom is this treatment indicated?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is non-invasive, and is indicated as a beauty treatment for anyone who feels any of these signs:

  • Tight skin, with wrinkles and fine fine lines of expression
  • Pale or dull skin
  • Skin with obvious damage due to sun exposure
  • Acne and dehydrated skin, as oxygen has antribacterial effects
  • Skins of smokers or exposed to smoke.

Effects of oxygen therapy on the skin

  • Improve skin firmness,reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Relaxing effect,so it is also very beneficial in case of stress.
  • It promotes microcirculation and therefore improves the appearance of the skin with cellulite.
  • Acne treatment,as it decreases pores and provides hydration.
  • It manages to attenuate dark circles and possible stains.

If you are thinking of trying these types of treatments we recommend that you make an appointment with our doctor, without obligation.

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