Characteristics of our hyperbaric chambers

In the Clínica Médica Hiperbárica in Estepona we have two single-seat chambers of the latest technology, totally transparent, from the Perry brand. In this article we talk about the main characteristics of this type of chamber.

Characteristics of our hyperbaric chambers

The Perry Baromedical hyperbaric chamber brand has over 50 years of history and is internationally recognized in the medical industry.

Antistatic Bracelet

The cameras have a complete installation with grounding. The bracelet connects the patient to this system. It eliminates any static electricity that the patient might bring in.

Fully transparent acrylic

Our cameras are surrounded by a complete and optically pure cylinder, which is highly resistant and durable. It is manufactured by Perry Baromedical. This helps to completely eliminate the feeling of claustrophobia.

Multimedia System

Being the camera completely transparent allows the patient to have a view of the outside, this allows you to see and hear the television in which you can enjoy a movie, series or your favorite program by providing a multimedia entertainment system while receiving treatment

Continuous Ventilation System

Continuous oxygen sweep, guaranteeing 100% pure oxygen throughout the session. Medical practitioners will be able to adjust the oxygen from 125 to 400 litres per minute for greater control of the internal temperature.


Nine connectors on the door allow the hyperbaric chamber to be converted into a critical patient device. In addition, these Perry Baromedical chambers have the possibility of incorporating different measurement and patient monitoring systems such as the air break system, ventilators, infusion pump, transcutaneous meters, etc.

If you have any questions or doubts about the Perry Baromedical hyperbaric chambers available at the Clínica Hiperbárica, ask for your free medical consultation. We will explain you everything you need to know before receiving your session.

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