Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Treatment in patients with COVID-19

The state of confinement has meant a change for everyone on a psychic and physical level. Also thanks to the hyperbaric chamber sessions we can face the Coronavirus, strengthening our immune system and ensuring good health.

According to data from theLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, there are already 120 coronavirus vaccines in development, of which 10 are already being tested in humans. Moreover, medical studies are focusing primarily on a preventive vaccine that stimulates the immune system to prevent infection.

“The problem is that we don’t know the immune system’s response to this virus; we’re all running around not knowing how to walk.

Christian Brander, researcher Icrea specialist in vaccines at the IrsiCaixaInstitute in Badalona

Therefore, one of our body’s current defenses against COVID-19 is to keep our immune system strong and able to resist any virus. And one of the ways to achieve this is through hyperbaric oxygenation.

Medical studies on the effectiveness of hyperbaric medicine against COVID-19

There are several trials and medical studies that certify the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygenation in the recovery of patients with coronavirus.

New York University Clinical Study

The NYU Langone Health Clinic at New York University has developed  a clinical study on the treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in patients with COVID-19, more specifically, a group of 40 people with respiratory difficulties has been selected and put on as a complementary treatment.

The procedure they are following begins with introducing each patient into a single-seat hyperbaric chamber, in order to avoid contagion. The duration of the treatment will be 90 minutes in which they will receive oxygen at 2.0 ATA.

Studies of the Argentine Association of Hyperbaric Medicine and Research (AAMHEI)

The information provided by the AAMHEI is based on the fact that when the coronavirus enters the lungs, it reaches the blood and destroys haemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen in the body. This leads to a state of generalized hypoxia (lack of oxygen), inflammation, pneumonitis and in severe cases to respiratory distress. This is one of the best-known complications of the disease.

The treatment in the Hyperbaric Chamber  produces an increase of oxygen in the lungs and in the body. So it could help in decreasing the difficulty of breathing.

Use of hyperbaric oxygenation in China

In Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus in China, Dr. Dr. Zhong Yangling The Director of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Department of the Yangtze River Shipping General Hospital has carried out a report on the effects of hyperbaric oxygenation in the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19 with the following results.

Hyperbaric oxygen has the ability to add a substantial amount of additional oxygen to the bloodstream and therefore can help during these times of hypoxemia. The advantages of hyperbaric oxygen are that it allows a greater amount of oxygen to pass through the lung tissue into the bloodstream, directly treating hypoxemia. If we add to this the increased solubility of oxygen in the blood (under hyperbaric conditions) then it is easy to see why the 5 patients who underwent this clinical study had effective relief from their symptoms.

In addition, it was reported that after the first session of hyperbaric oxygen, symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and chest pain were reduced.

“Hyperbaric chambers can improve the effectiveness of treatment, reduce medical pressure and the risk of infection, and lower the mortality rate in critical patients.

Dr. Zhong Yangling

Strengthen your immune system with hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Estepona

At Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona we offer treatments with pure oxygen in our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers to strengthen the immune system and help reduce the respiratory consequences of patients with COVID-19. Besides, thanks to these sessions you will feel full of energy again.

Of course, always bearing in mind that this type of treatment is a complement to the current health regulations established by the Ministry of Health, such as the use of masks and keeping the distance from social security to avoid contagion.


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