Golf and hyperbaric medicine

The main objectives of sports medicine are the following:

  • Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of those injuries or conditions arising from exercise on the human body.
  • Treatment of rehabilitation of traumatic injuries suffered by athletes.
  • Physical preparation of the athlete to obtain maximum performance.

In the physical preparation of golf, emphasis should be placed on compensating for imbalances and protecting the spine to avoid injury. The following elements are involved in the practice of golf:

  1. Wrists and forearms, which are under great stress when hitting and stopped by the weight of the club.
  2. It is the joint most involved, especially in the braking of the swing.
  3. Thoracic muscles, which must stabilize the spine by hitting and braking the rotation.
  4. Proper foot support, providing stability and balance, as lack of control will result in poor striking.

Hyperbaric oxygen would be indicated in overtraining syndrome, in the treatment and rehabilitation of traumatic injuries, in the postoperative period of joint and muscle injuries and also in the physical preparation of the athlete.

Overtraining is manifested by asthenia, easy fatigue, weight loss, insomnia, dizziness during exercise, late recovery after exercise, and alterations in pulse rate and blood pressure. All these symptoms appear in the late stages of training. Oxygen therapy resolves those disorders that have an ischemic nature, without the need to interrupt the physical workload of training.

As for the treatment of traumatic injuries, the use of OHB should be initiated early, thus reducing the edema and pain of the acute stage, accelerating recovery and return to active training and improving the consolidation of fractures and soft tissue injuries.

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