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Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona

Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona was opened in 2014 to improve patients health  and quality of life by oxygen therapy, offering  the expertise of a high qualified medical team in pure oxygen treatments.

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Breathe pure oxygen Try the hyperbaric chamber and feel better than ever. Consult your case with our medical team without obligation.

Hyperbaric Clinic

Our story

The main character of our story has a name: Jorge.

Jorge is Sady Alexandra´s husband,  founder of The Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona.  Why is he our hero?

In 2012 Jorge suffered an acute myocardial infarction that left him in a coma. Looking for alternatives,  Alejandra met with oxygen therapy and took Jorge to a Hyperbaric specialist, the therapy  achieved to get back, along with medical indications, his mobility, speech and hope.

After this miracle, they decided to open a clinic in order to help  people to discover and enjoy pure oxygen benefits. Also to continue with Jorge´s treatement.

We encourage you to watch the video where Jorge tells us his experience and the great health improvement he has achieved  thanks to pure oxygen.

The Clinic's Medical Team

Meet our  team at the Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona.
A high qualified and profesional team that help patients thanks to hyperbaric treatements.
Our commitment is to take care of your health and wellness

Physician specializing in hyperbaric medicine.

Rafael Sanchez Gonzalez

Physician specializing in hyperbaric medicine.

Medical doctor, Diploma in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Member of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).
A Specialist with more than 20 years  experience in Hyperbaric Medicine. He also collaborates with  Maritime Rescue Asociations as a  specialists in high-depth diving trauma and is Professor of the School of Public Safety of Andalusia.
He has a proven experience as a  researcher in Hyperbaric Medicine.
Director of the 1st and 2nd International Congress of Hyperbaric Medicine HMCE, He is the author of numerous articles of this specialty, published in different scientific journals.

Founder and Director of the Clinic

Sady Alexandra Licituña

Founder and Director of the Clinic

Entrepreneur and Bussines woman, dedicated wife and mother, she counts on  more than 20 years of experience at different business sectors. Alexandra was trained in Accounting and Business Administration and is an accurated  Computer Systems Analyst.
After her husband stroke, She  extended her studies by taking courses to graduated and  specialiced as a Nursing Assistant complemented with several courses in Hyperbaric Medicine at the University of Argentina.

Hyperbaric chamber technician.

Christian Keller Licintuña

Hyperbaric chamber technician.

Christian  studied  courses to operate with hyperbaric chambers in 2012 and also Dietetics  in 2018.

His experience at the Hyperbaric Clinic dates back to 2011, when he began helping at the clinic and caring for patients, thus continuing the clinic’s family business trail. Acctually he is responsable of our  patients confort before, during and after Hyperbaric Chamber treatements. He is the one to answer all your doubts and make you fell secure  while  in our Hyperbaric Chambers.

Physician specializing in hyperbaric medicine.

Christian Keller Licintuña

Physician specializing in hyperbaric medicine.

Dr. David Infante has a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Malaga and is also a specialist in family and community medicine.

 Expert in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine at the UCA.

Among his many studies and masters, we can highlight his Master in medical assessment of disabilities of the body for social protection. UNED.

Our Clinic

At HMCE we care for our patients, We deliver a world-class, patient-centred hyperbaric therapy service.   With our secure facillities   we grant our patients an absolutely pleasant, comfortable and familiar environment while enjoying  hyrbaric chamber sessions.

At  Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona we prepare everything to make you feel the most confortable, changing rooms with fully equipped showers, a cozy waiting room for you  and your family, and most important, a fully equiped  baro room where our exclusive Perry hyperbaric chambers are located.

Our Perry Chambers

At the Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona count on the latest and most advanced Technology in  hyperbaric chambers that is why we bought our two  monoplace Chambers  at  Perry Baromedical company, which for over 50 years  has excelled in the manufacturing, installation and servicing of hyperbaric oxygen therapy systems.
Our hyperbaric chambers are the best most advanced and with the safest system in the market.

Sobre Nosotros - nuestras camaras perry
Acrílico Transparente

Our monoplace chambers are made with a complete and transparent cylinder,of high strength and durability eliminating the feeling of claustrophobia completely.

Sistema de Ventilación Continua

Continuous oxygen sweeping, ensuring a 100% pure oxygen throughout the session.


Our Perry monoplace chambers ensure a comfortable and  easy experience. The spacious feel and reclining backrest make a very pleasant time while  patients are inside.

Sistema Multimedia

A Full transparent chamber allows  patients to have a complete view, so they  can also watch television or enjoy a movie, tv series, etc. Thanks to its  multi-functional entertainment system,  Treatements will pass in no time.



We are in constant contact with both national and international experts in the field of medicine, and especially with people with extensive experience in hyperbaric medicine such as Dr. Nina Subbotina, author of the book “Hyperbaric Chamber, Science, not Miracle”

Medical Appointment

Book your free medical appointment now. Our Medical specialist  will evaluate your case and recommend the appropriate treatment for your situation. Discover now the benefits of pure oxygen in your body.


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