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European Disinfection Protocol for COVID-19

In order to offer the safest treatements, at The Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona we follow the European protocol for disinfection of both our chambers and  all the rest of the clinic spaces. We assure the maximum safety to our patients.

Disinfection of spaces

For the cleaning and disinfection of the clinic spaces and rooms we will count on professionals in these tasks, to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

All areas of the clinic, such are changing rooms, hall and offices  will be cleaned and disinfected dayly.

A specialized company will carry out disinfection work with an OZONE cannon

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protocolo desinfección clinica hiperbarica 03

Disinfection of the Hyperbaric Chambers

Concerned of COVID-19 coronavirus, we are following manufacturer-provided guidelines and recommendations to  clean and disinfect our Perry Baromedical hyperbaric chambers.

we are proceeding to make a full  cleaning of the chambers after  each patient treatement.

In addition, each patient will be given  a brand new 100% cotton pajama for their sessions.


  • Amplify  patient session times by no less than 15 minutes each. This will prevent exposure from one patient to another in the common areas.
  • Disinfect the inside and outside of the chamber with the recommended product for proper disinfection after every treatement.
  • Disinfect the sphygmomanometer, thermometer and other VS equipment after each use.
  • Use of gloves and a mask before, during and after sessions.
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Immune System Reinforcement with Hyperbaric Oxygenation

Thanks to treatments in our latest monoplace  hyperbaric chambers, you will strengthen your immune system.

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