Indications of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Sport

Many are the athletes who use hyperbaric chambers both for physical preparation and for recovery after a major sporting effort. Several elite athletes have passed through the Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona who have proven how hyperbaric oxygen works. Today we wanted to synthesize the main indications of hyperbaric oxygen in sport.

Indications of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Sport

In sport, hyperbaric oxygen has three fundamental indications:

1.- The increase in performance in the training phase

2.- Treatment of injuries, in fact we know many athletes of a certain name who use it to shorten recovery times.

3.- Eliminate overtraining syndrome

What is Overtraining

Shephart, defined chronic fatigue syndrome or overtraining “as the appearance of a state of exhaustion disproportionate to the intensity of the effort made, lasting 6 months or more. In high competition, chronic fatigue is the consequence of overtraining.

Angeles Prada, Medical Director. Victoria Eugenia Red Cross Hospital

60% of long distance runners suffer from it at some time in their sporting life, adds Dr. Prada.

Treatment with hyperbaric medicine in athletes

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