Interview with Inés Verdugo, treated with Chronic Pain

Today we want to share with all of you the case of Inés, a patient with 73 years who came to the Hyperbaric Clinic of Estepona, and tells us how she met us and how she feels after having tried hyperbaric medicine to treat the chronic pain she has been suffering for years.

Interview with Inés Verdugo, treated with Chronic Pain

How did you meet the Estepona Hyperbaric Clinic?

Look I was at the doctor’s office, there was a guy and I started telling him how much discomfort he was feeling, and he tells me the guy, do you not know a clinic on the boardwalk? He said a name to me and I came. I arrived and was attended to by Jesus, an excellent person and he gave me an appointment for the next day to see me in the doctor. And I’m great here.

What changes have you felt since you’ve tried hyperbaric medicine?

I feel a lot better because I used to drown, I was craving and drowning, and now I didn’t. Besides the pain of my leg, I felt very tired, very moody. I didn’t like him at all. I don’t want to go dancing, I just want to be able to “take my house.”

What was your day-to-day life like before treatment?

I was going to bed at nine. Nervous I’d lose at 10 o’clock at night I’d get up and warm up a glass of milk, take it, lie down, and half an hour’ pee. In the end I would be at twelve o’clock at night when I was looking at clock and thinking “I couldn’t get to sleep.”

And not now. Ceno, I go to bed and even in the morning.

Do you recommend coming to the Hyperbaric Clinic?

I would recommend it to everyone who has anxiety, depression… let them come here.
Let them see that here you breathe a new life. I feel a lot better. I would recommend it to everyone, that the important thing is wellness and health.

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