Leyre’s case and how she has combated chronic pain with oxygen therapy

Today we bring you the case of one of our patients, Leyre, who suffers from chronic pain and has told us what oxygen therapy has meant for her.
Thank you very much Leyre for your cooperation!

Leyre and chronic pain

Before we start, we’d like to talk to you a little bit about Leyre.

Leyre is a 45-year-old woman, which may sound familiar to many of you as she is a TV presenter on shows such as “Hoy comemos en…” or “Made in Marbella”. Focusing on her medical case, Leyre suffers from terrible pain due to a herniated disc on L5/S3, with protrusions on 1,2,3 and 4. The range was such that even his legs were affected, and he could not feel his toes.

Because of these pains, she decided to look for some treatment that would help her cope with them, and thanks to a friend she found our center, and thus the oxygen therapy.

Treatment of chronic pain with oxygen therapy

After trying our, Leyre tells us that she is much more relaxed and now manages to sleep through the night without the pains waking her up.

It was wonderful, because it was from not being able to sleep, from getting into bed and the pain being unbearable, to suddenly getting into this magnificent chamber, and, after a few sessions, getting rid of the pain.

Leyre González, patient at Hyperbaric Clinic of Estepona
hyperbaric oxygen beauty

Beneficial skin changes

One of the advantages of oxygen therapy is that by introducing you to the chamber, the benefits to the body are multiple. In Leyre’s case, in addition to relieving her chronic pain, she has seen her skin look smoother.

Have you noticed any other effects in the oxygen therapy sessions?
Yes, the skin is amazing how I change, with much more collagen

Recommendation of the Hyperbaric Clinic of Estepona

To conclude, we asked Leyre if she recommended both the oxygen therapy treatments and our Centre in Estepona and this was her word.

Of course I’d recommend it.

We invite you, as Leyre, to try our treatments with hyperbaric medicine. We remind you thatthe first appointment is free, whereour specialist will evaluate your case.

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