Lyme and Hyperbaric Medicine: The Case of Debbie Curras

Today we come to talk to you about one of our patients and how hyperbaric medicine has helped her cope with the disease she suffers from, Lyme.

El Lyme y la Medicina Hiperbárica: El caso de Debbie Curras

Debbie Curras is a 46-year-old woman suffering from Lyme. She visited us at the Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona as this treatment had been recommended to her from Germany as a complement to treat her ailment and help her improve on a daily basis.

“I learned about hyperbaric medicine when I went to Germany to be treated for my ailment. There the German doctors recommended hyperbaric oxygen as part of the treatment of my illness.” Debbie Curras, patient at the Clínica Hiperbárica de Estepona.

Lyme and Hyperbaric Medicine

What is Lyme disease

Lyme is a bacterial infection acquired from the bite of an infected tick. There are 4 species of bacteria that cause this disease:

  • Borrelia burgdorferi
  • Borrelia mayonii
  • Borrelia afzelii
  • Borrelia garinii

Some of the effects of Lyme are muscle and joint pain, although it affects more parts of the body as it is a multi-systemic disease. Other systems that may be affected are. Gastrointestinal, Pulmonary, Musculoskeletal or even may affect the reproductive system.

How hyperbaric ,medicine helps improve Lyme symptoms

Thanks to Debbie Curras’ testimony we can see first hand the beneficial effects that oxygen therapy has in treating Lyme disease.

“I’ve had Lyme disease for six and a half years. And this is one of the treatments that is helping me the most.”

And he keeps talking about how it helps him with one of the Lyme outbreaks:

“When I go here for hyperbaric medicine treatments it is because either I have a known outbreak of the disease, which is the outbreak that produces the toxin of the bacteria. The treatment helps me a lot to overcome those symptoms which are usually mental fatigue, tiredness and joint pain.”

It ends with a sentence that clears up all the doubts about Lyme and Hyperbaric Medicine:

“When I leave the sessions, and after the days, the improvement is clear”

We also recommend the Marbella Lyme Clinic, located in Estepona, for guidance in this disease, as it is the first clinic dedicated to Lyme in Spain. For any questions about Lyme and Hyperbaric Medicine, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our Doctor. Remember, the first consultation is free.

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