Cerebral Palsy and Brain Damage


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Brain Damage 

 When the blood supply to any area of the brain is cut off or damaged, vital oxygen and nutrients are prevented from reaching that area, leading to brain injury, disability and sometimes death.

One of the latest  applications of pure oxygen is for  patients with neurological damage. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces muscle stiffness or spasticity decreasing  pain and helping patients to recover their independence, improving their quality of life.

It provides clear benefits for diseases such as various neurological disorders and stroke.

Infant Cerebral Palsy

 Cerebral palsy in children usually occurs due to fetal suffering at childbirth, causing a Lack of oxygen tthe brain for morthan four minutes that may resulin brain damage.

Having national and international prestige has turn the clinic into a centeof Cerebral Palsy and infant  Neurological Damage.

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Benefits of pure oxygen in Cerebral Palsy treatments

Many patients with neurological damage or cerebral palsy, both children and adults, have improved their quality of life thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Pure oxygen decreases pain. Sensation will gradually become normal again.


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By regaining mobility they become more independent and secure.

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Muscle stiffness


It  is beneficial to lessen  symptoms such as tremor, stiffness, spasticity and sleep disorders.
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Brain Coordination


Patients experienced reduced dizziness, better balance and coordination, and a marked improvement in his previously low mood.

Our patients

Meet the patients who have experienced a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatement at our  Clinic. Treatments on cerebral palsy and neurological damage in children and adults.


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Neurological Damage

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