Sports Performance Enhacement


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Sports Performance Enhacement

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is a way of giving your body up to 20 times more oxygen than normal, and is a well-known method in enhancing performance among sportsmen.

Many athletes are seeking  for ways to enhace their physical performance, endurance and injury resilience. It is proven that the increase flow of oxygen in the blood causes an immediate improvement in athletic performance. It promotes faster recovery from fatigue by increasing the amount of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body. ATP is the body’s battery, the molecule that keeps everything going on.

Reduces fatigue and improve muscle toning  by increasing up to 20 times the oxygen in the blood torrent.
Hyperbaric oxygen is a great ally in the physical preparation of athletes.

Sports Injuries

Many elite athletes use pure oxygen to boost their endurance and accelerate their recovery from musculoskeletal injury, ligament and cartilage damage.

Hyperbaric oxygen is also  indicated to treat dovertraining micro-tears , rehabilitation of traumatic injuries and in the postoperative  joint and muscle surgeries.

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Breathe pure oxygen Try the hyperbaric Oxygen chamber and feel better than ever. Consult your case with our doctor without obligation.

Benefits of pure oxygen in Sports

Countless high-performing athletes are openly using Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatements  to reduce their injury recovery time, improve their endurance and resilience, and boost their performance on the pitch.  Like them,  you will also feel rejuvenated, renewed and refreshed, ready to take on the world, this is the power of pure oxygen.

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Increase energy, muscle capacity  and athlete tolerance.

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Injures also limit a sportsperson’s performance. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatement  accelerates tissue repair by hastening the growth of new blood vessels. In other words, it helps to improve the body’s capacity to heal itself.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies  managed to reduce  fatigue and increase the tresistence  of athletes also maximise their potential to  get the most from their body and mind.

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Pure oxygen contributes to the recovery of micro-tears and muscle overtraining.

Our patients

Meet patients who have been treated at  the Hyperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona. Sportsmen, Injuries Recovery, Integrated Training…. Etc.

Javier Díaz Carretero

Sports injury recovery

Luis Merayo

Sports injury recovery

Godo Díaz

Injury to the leg

Antonio Gómez

Integrated Training

Medical Consultation

If you suffer from a sports injury or want to boost your athletic performance, Book  an appointment with our Doctor  with no obligation. He will evaluate your case and recommend the appropriate treatment for your situation. Discover now the benefits of pure oxygen in your body.


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