The rejuvenating power of oxygen therapy

Recently it has been discovered that oxygen is an important component in the process of skin rejuvenation and in the improvement of the epidermis. Hyperbaric Clinic of Estepona is a pioneer in Andalusia in the use of oxygen therapy as an anti-aging treatment.

Rejuvenation treatments with oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments have been consolidated as an anti-aging tool since it plays an important role by acting as a stimulant that promotes and activates the gene sequences that encode growth and repair hormones.

Oxygen therapy professionals claim that oxygen therapy will be able to restore declining brain function and prevent premature dementia.

How aging occurs

Many of you may have wondered at one time or another what it is that happens to our skin that makes it start to wrinkle, look duller or lose its elasticity.

“With age we are losingcollagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, three essential components for the skin that generate wrinkles or dehydration”. Dr. Beatriz Beltrán

In addition, the day to day life in a modern world where every day we are exposed to agents such as air pollution, food additives, environmental degradation, exposure to gases from cars … make our skin suffer.

Benefits of oxygen therapy in skin rejuvenation

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments applied in the field of beauty and wellness result in

  1. Cellular repair
  2. Eliminate Age Spots
  3. They restore sagging skin,
  4. Reduces wrinkles
  5. They strengthen the formation of collagen,
  6. They prevent damage to skin cells by increasing oxygen circulation.

Find out how oxygen therapy can help you. The first medical consultation is free of charge at the Hyperbaric Clinic of Estepona.

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