Wondergay Solidarity Gala 2018

The Estepona Clinical was one of the collaborators at the 2018 Wondergay Solidarity Gala.

The Wondergay Solidarity Gala 2018 is an event that is held with the aim of raising funds for the benefit of the Associations Son Our Children and Surrogate Management in Spain.

Gala Solidaria Wondergay 2018

On September 26th, the 2018 Wondergay Solidarity Gala was held at Room Mate, Madrid.

In this edition, the Wondergay Solidarity Gala has had a clear cry, claiming the Surrogate Management as a right of families who cannot gestate their children, in addition to the regulation of the Surrogate Management in Spain. This also includes the visibility of different family models, which deserve equal treatment by society.

Such well-known faces as those of Sofía Cristo, Daniel Marcel, Tania Llasera, Ángela Medina, Carlos Marrero and Rakel,among others, attended the gala.

This gala was a success and from the Hiperbaric Medical Clinic of Estepona we hope to be able to participate in the next edition.

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